Use PHP Mailer And Send Emails Safely Via PHP Code From the Web Server


Different types of open source PHP libraries are available and recommended for sending emails. PHPMailer is a code library designed to transport emails easily and safely through PHP code from the web server. Individuals with a specialization in the simple mail transfer protocol standard protocol can enhance their approach to successful send emails directly by using the PHP code. They also have to improve their proficiency about the email injection for spamming related vulnerabilities and RFC related issues such as carriage return. PHP developers worldwide prefer this open source library to send emails in the programmatic manner.  They understand that the function mail () is not enough to achieve what they require in email sending process. They use the PHPMailer as an alternative to the mail () function of the PHP. You can buy PHP mailer software ready to send a lot of emails from the server.

An alternative to mail ()

PHP function mail () needs the local mail server so as to send out emails. On the other hand, PHPMailer uses a non-local mail server that is the simple mail transfer protocol when the user has an authentication. This library is very helpful to print different error messages in more than 40 languages at any time it fails to send an email. Users of this library are satisfied with the integration of the SMTP protocol support as well as authentication over the TLS and SSL. They can send another plaintext version of the email for email clients in the non-HTML genre. They feel secure and comfortable to use this facility as an active developer community with a commitment to keeping this library up-to-date and secure.

As a beginner to the PHPMailer, you have to know how to set up and run this email library. If you improve your expertise about how to send emails by using the PHP email library, then you can get a good improvement in your approach to use the PHP code to the next level. PHPMailer is much easier than the usual function mail ().  Some of the functionalities offered by this popular email library are HTML messages, SMTP SSL encryption as well as authentication and file attachments. This leading email library provides readable and clean object oriented syntax.

Properly use the PHPMailer

Users of the PHP function mail () are unable to immediately use different configurations at the same time. They cannot use several SMTP accounts and switch between such accounts programmatically. They get much difficulty when they do not use the local PHP development environment or dedicated server.  They need to do some things system wide when they change some settings like the authentication parameters and SMTP server. They can overcome all such problems when they use the PHPMailer designed to dynamically change the parameter right in the PHP script. They get different benefits from the advanced functions of the PHPMailer.

There are some alternatives to the PHPMailer like the Zeta Components Mail and SwiftMailer. However, PHPMailer is mostly preferred due to its popularity, user-friendliness and an array of benefits. You can use the Composer and download the PHPMailer. This process automatically creates an autoloader file.