Moose Alarm System Technical Support

Have you just moved in and found yourself face to face with a Moose Security System for which you have no codes? Maybe you have just plain forgotten your codes. At any rate, you have decided that you would like to begin using the system but without the codes what can you do?

You do have options:

Option 1: A brand new, up-graded system is an attractive prospect but perhaps it just isn't in the budget at this time and you do not want to go without the basic protection afforded by a functioning alarm system. Moose alarm systems, although somewhat dated, still offer the same good, basic protection that they did when new.

Option 2: Calling a service company is a viable option and although it will cost $150 to $300, it will relieve you of the effort involved (maybe an hour or two of your time) in doing it yourself. The only effort required on your part will be finding a reputable service company that has experience on the Moose alarm systems, coordinating the appointment time and fending off their efforts to sell you a new installation and an expensive long term monitoring contract.

Option 3: With our Quick Start Moose Manual Supplement, doing it yourself is within the capabilities of the average person. You do not have to be an electronics wizard and you do not need any prior Moose Alarm Systems experience. The difficulty level and the average amount of time required will vary depending upon which system you have and the package you select.

Package contents, price and description are provided below.

Which Package is right for you?

Moose Alarm System Manual Supplement Package:

This Package is intended for those who have the time and the desire to roll up their sleeves and get into the thick of things.

In order to regain control of the Moose it is necessary to reset the User Authorization Code and Program Authorization Code back to Factory Defaults. Depending upon which Moose system you have, you may be able to default just the codes and retain the rest of the programming or it may be necessary to default all system programming back to Factory Defaults. When this is done, Factory Default programming will probably not "fit" your actual installation and the system will need to be reprogrammed.

In order to complete the reprogramming it is necessary to determine what sensors are connected to which zones. For Example: Front door = Zone 1, Living room windows = Zone 2, Family room motion detector = Zone 3, etc.

Many times there is a list of this information either inside the keypad cover or inside the metal enclosure that houses the system. Other times the system can provide this information either through the use of the Zone Status or Monitor Modes.

It is important to remember that regardless of how the information is obtained, it is required in order to reprogram the system.

This Package contains copies of the Moose Alarm System Users Manual, Installation Manual and a Quick Start Supplement in Adobe PDF format. The Quick Start Supplement contains step-by-step instructions for defaulting the codes or the complete system. If a complete default is required, step-by-step instructions are given for reprogramming the Zone Types. We have even included a section on programming the Communicator for a new monitoring service telephone number or, where possible, calling your pager or cell phone. The instructions describe all the procedure in layman's terms.

Package 1 Price = $10.00

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Moose Alarm System Chip Package:

This Package is intended for those who wish to regain control of their system without reprogramming. No programming is necessary beyond setting your own User Codes.

You unplug a chip from the system and send it to us, we reprogram the chip with the Factory Default Codes and all of your unique system programming remains intact.

This Package contains copies of the Moose Alarm System Users Manual, Installation Manual and a Chip Removal Quick Start Supplement in Adobe PDF format. The Quick Start Supplement contains step by step instructions for removing and replacing the plug in chip. The instructions are complete with photographs and describe the procedure in layman's terms.

Package2 Price $25.00 (includes return postage on chip)

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NOTE: These system were NOT intended to be user serviceable. The manuals were written for experienced alarm professionals and presuppose a certain level of knowledge. LOCKED PANEL.COM has developed the Quick Start Supplement because many who have attempted to default and/or reprogram their systems relying solely on the manuals have failed. Our Supplement could keep you from repeating those mistakes so you do not turn a $25 expense into a $300 service call.

NOTE: These Packages will NOT repair a defective system. If your installation is not functional due to hardware problems, wiring issues or defective sensors, defaulting and resetting codes will not correct the problems. It will, however, put you in a position to be able to define the problem(s) and correct them.